Debbie: Say No To CCA!

Why is FL Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz siding with the Corrections Corporation of America and not her constituents in Southwest Ranches? 98% of her constituents DO NOT want a new for-profit immigrant detention center!



We call on Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-20) to WITHDRAW her current endorsements for CCA’s project.

The Obama Administration announced a change in the priorities for detentions and deportations, to focus on real national security concerns, not on separating parents from their children or deporting DREAMers who are only seeking a better future.

It is time for ICE to stop the immigrant money making machine and tell CCA to GO AWAY from Southwest Ranches.

THIS PETITION IS NOW CLOSED - WE REACHED OUR GOAL!!! But feel free to leave your comment! 

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    We don’t need more prisons or detention centers. We need sensible solutions for immigration including a more realistic and compassionate policy regarding deportation, detention and incarcarations.
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    Debbie -stop yr “campaign mode” and do the right thing,……cancel any/all contacts with CCA…Peter WORMER
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    Stop supporting the Cheneys.
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    This new paradigm of letting private corporations do the government’s job has got to stop!
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    CCA does not provide humane care at their facilities. Please do not give them any support. Thank you.
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    There is a CCA private prison 10 miles from my home in Mississippi. The facility has just been adjudged guilty of sexually abusing the inmates, staff selling inmates drugs, as well as depriving the youthful offenders of their educational opportunities. These private, for-profit prisons do not belong in a democracy! They warehouse rather tha rehabilitate and push immigrant laws so that their “client” numbers will increase. The community of Walnut Grove, Mississippi regrets allowing the prison to locate in their town. The very few low=paying jobs are not worth the bad publicity and the grief.
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    Ask Ms. Schultz how much CCA has paid to her.
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    Debbie, don’t even go there! Any privatization of the prison system is a prelude to mass incarceration; the Halliburton of corrections. I will actively campaign against you or any other Legislator who would encourage privatization, in FL or any other state.

    What are you thinking??