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  • signed Debbie: Say No To CCA! 2012-04-25 19:28:52 -0700
    CCA has shown itself to be not interested in anything but $$$$$‘s in their pocket. We need to address the “immigrant problem” not in the “immediate” as this Nation has done historically, rather as the history of this Nation in the broad sense. Has there ever been an influx of any "ethic/religion/’pick a problem’" people, when given a chance by those who preceeded them here, did not contribute far more than any hypothethical cost?

    There is an honest question about the Pilgrims and their extremely restrictive rules on thought/belief/etc. Religious freedom, for them, meant the exclusion of any belief except their own. How many of their own did they hang as witches or other infractions of codes now regarded as “weird”!

    This Country needs new blood and thought to recover our position in the World, not as the biggest bully around, rather as the source of new ideas in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Agriculture, the vast array of the Arts, Industrial and Labor Relations, Medicine, …… , and even sports.

    It is easy to identify many of history’s fantastic folk (Einstein, for one) who came to the USA, not by birth, but by choice. Many others came against their will (slaves and transported convicts, for example), but even so, most gave to this country, many even by giving their lives in its support.

    Let us strive to embrace those who wish to enter our Nation for our mutual good, rather than to punish/imprison {especially for someone’s Greedy Obscene Profit}/expell these people because of some Greatly Obsolete Policy.

    Debbie: Say No To CCA!

    Why is FL Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz siding with the Corrections Corporation of America and not her constituents in Southwest Ranches? 98% of her constituents DO NOT want a new for-profit immigrant detention center!


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    We call on Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-20) to WITHDRAW her current endorsements for CCA’s project.

    The Obama Administration announced a change in the priorities for detentions and deportations, to focus on real national security concerns, not on separating parents from their children or deporting DREAMers who are only seeking a better future.

    It is time for ICE to stop the immigrant money making machine and tell CCA to GO AWAY from Southwest Ranches.

    THIS PETITION IS NOW CLOSED - WE REACHED OUR GOAL!!! But feel free to leave your comment! 

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